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Welcome to CCTV Cams. We are a Durban-based company that specialises in the sale and installation of CCTV systems to homes and businesses.

Do you worry that when the alarm goes off at your home, it’s not just a gecko going over the beam? Do you worry that your employees are not performing to the best of their abilities when you are not in the office? Are you concerned that stock is “growing legs” and leaving the premises without being paid for?

CCTV Cams is the solution you have been waiting for – with a simple click of a button on your smart phone or tablet, you can remotely view your home, business or office to see if you have an intruder or if it is just the annoying gecko!
A CCTV Camera installation will allow you to:

  • Monitor and play back footage
  • Check on the kids at home playing outside
  • Allow you quick access to view that your pets are okay at home
  • Let you check your home or office when your armed response call and you can then watch live the efficiency of the armed responder when they inspect your property
  • Monitor your warehouse deliveries and look back at delivery footage if there are any queries
  • Monitor your retail shop to ensure staff honesty

Why Choose CCTV Cams?

  • Best quality hardware
  • Knowledgeable advice
  • Long history in Durban
  • Proven track record
  • Neat and efficient installations
  • Tailor made solutions for each client’s needs

Do I have a system in place to prevent, identify, and prosecute shoplifting?

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CCTV is a valuable asset for any security plan

Traditionally, CCTV surveillance was utilized in facilities with the need for high-level security such as airports, casinos, and banks. Thanks to technology’s constant evolution, video surveillance has become more accessible for home and business owners alike. CCTV is...


Now, more than ever, it’s critical to watch over your bottom line by securing your business. Crime on facility premises can take form in many ways, including: Burglary Employee theft Vandalism Kidnapping or assault ... and more...

Investing in a business security system

Investing in a business security system is like being a chef in the kitchen; you have all the ingredients and tools at your fingertips, but it’s expertise and knowledge that will make you successful. Consider this eBook your personal sous chef, helping you understand...

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